Lyme Awareness Month

May…Lyme Awareness Month

If you asked me what Lyme Disease was a year ago, I would have said “What is that?, Lyme disease…?”.  Now, unfortunately, Lyme Disease is all I have in my mind these days.

This disease has brought me closer to my body…hearing it every single day. I have to ask myself what is it feeling, what symptom is here today, what symptom isn’t, how am I feeling.  A sense of desperation, of waiting, of wanting to know,when will this stop.  I was thinking today, where would I be a year from today, it got me excited knowing that I will be healed, and looking back at this journey as a growing experience.

I think I am one of the lucky ones, I got diagnosed with lyme within 4 months of weird symptoms..and never was bedridden, always went to work full time and just kept on trucking.  I say, I am one of the lucky ones, but even with diagnosing my lyme in 4 months and experiencing what I went through, which was HELL, I cannot even imagine what it’s like for other people, who have much worst symptoms, if my symptoms were hell to me, which wasn’t alot of pain, but dizzyness,tingling,heavyness,anxiety, air hunger..etc, then I cannot comprehend what it’s like for other people who are truly suffering with excruciating pain.

I think what scared me most of my lyme disease, was not knowing when I will get better and even reading other people’s stories, scared me.  Till this day, I still read about lyme and looking looking for answers but I learned that I need to take it day by day…

I will always remember May, especially bring awareness to the disease to others. I got bit in May, the end of May last year 2011, not knowing that the bite I had was not a mosquito bite, but a tick bit..I will always remember May.



3 thoughts on “Lyme Awareness Month

    1. rominalifehappens Post author

      Brandi, I started in Oct 2011 at another blog but was too sick to continue it. You were my inspiration to continue with it, so we can look back at our trials and tribulations with the disease and triumph victoriously!


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