I took the SUGAR TEST and I failed, with a big red F.  I am now feeling a bit guilty. I have been feeling pretty good lately which means going down the path of “OH, LET ME TRY THIS. I haven’t had it in a while. I think I can eat sugar now”  BRILLANT IDEA!.   Bad Idea!!

This past weekend was my weekend b-day celebration. The party started from Saturday all the way through Monday, however,  I noticed a few things.

Saturday IHOP– You are no longer my friend, I cannot eat sausage, or waffles, not even decaf coffee. (I had a stomach upset the whole day on Saturday).

Monday Cold Stone Ice Cream– First time I ever tried cold stone ice cream, it was delicious. The next day I had no consequences of my ice cream night. I thought I was in the clear from my friend lyme.

Wednesday Argentinian Sweet called “Alfajor” (now my worst enemy, see below)

Late last night, I decided to have this goodness sweetness in my mouth. I was feeling not bad after Ice Cream on Monday why not give it another go, right?…WRONG!

Today, I feel heavy and sluggish and I KNOW that my bad choices from yesterday made me feel like this today. Symptoms that I didn’t have are now back.

Conclusion= just because you feel better  do not start eating things you are not supposed to.  I feel like my body  is not the same as before. There are consequences for what I put in my mouth.  The good news is that I have been feeling better, the bad news is that I still have LYME. The sugar test failed..yep..I still have Lyme.


5 thoughts on “SUGAR TEST FAIL!

  1. Kim Fernando

    Romina, I know you wrote this a while ago but I just stumbled on this post while scrolling through your blog. You are so right – just because you feel better do not start eating things you are not supposed to! I’ve been sugar free for 5 years. I tried to sneak it into my diet again in 2010 after going into remission and learned right away it’s a good way to not feel well again! So now I’m staying sugar free. Isn’t it crazy what a difference it makes?

    1. rominalifehappens Post author

      Hi Kim, I know it’s crazy, It’s hard to gain weight without sugar but It’s a necessity to stop. I learned the hard way. I am so glad you are doing better from lyme, you are an inspiration to many.

      1. Kim Fernando

        Yes, you are right about that. My sister recently said the trick is to find a sugar-free, gluten-free bar like Larabars to eat at least once a day. I think I’ll give it a shot!

        Thank you for the kind words! What’s inspiring is that God loves on me so much when I’m so broken and imperfect in so many ways. If He can do this in my life, then He can do it it anyone’s. I’m thrilled to hear that you’re feeling so much better too!


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