Signs of life

I have always been that type of person that has been aware of my surroundings, people and things around me, but now even more than ever I appreciate the simple things in life. I laugh at things that I wouldn’t have before, gaze and look at things as if they were new..cherishing and embracing each moment.

Today on my way to work, I saw this written on the subway escalator “SMILE” and immediately took out my iphone to take a picture of it and SMILED.

I feel like I am getting alot of signs everywhere.   Sometimes when my mind is wondering and overthinking, I am distracted by a bird flying by or a beautiful flower or rose  in a garden. I feel like these signs and signals that I experience now more than ever is being aware to stop and appreciate all the beauty that life offers us.

More on signs of life…The other day I was walking on the street and there were 3 woman walking infront of me, one of the woman’s friend who I was in back of said to her friend “Michelle, watch your back”(since she saw that I wanted to walk in front of them since they were blocking the street in a way). Michelle, moved aside and as she did I said “Thank you Michelle”. She smiled and said “you’re welcome, have a blessed day”. That made my day. Little signs and signals that are occuring to me everyday that make me happy.

What signs are you presented with in your daily life and do you embrace them or recognize them? Life hands us signs all the time, we just need to be aware of them.


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