Over the moon

September 21, 2012 will always be a memorable night in my life forever.

Let me explain the reason why. 

Thalia is a latin pop singer/actress, who in 2008 was also stricken with lyme disease. When I fell ill last year, she was one of my biggest motivators that I will also get better. Her story of being diagnosed with lyme disease and doctors telling her it was depression or anxiety after the birth of her baby..sounded alot like all the other lyme misdiagnosis we always hear.   You can read about her story here: http://lymedisease.org/news/touchedbylyme/thalia.html. In her book “growing stronger”, she also talks a little bit more in detail of her struggles as well as seeing the end of the finish line  to battling her disease.

I listened to her music in the most difficult part of my lyme disease process, even when I didn’t have the strength to dance, I did..to her music even though the next day I would ache and hurt.  Her songs inspired me, pushed me and soothed my heart and soul with love. I remember listening to her music and crying. Crying with a combination of sadness and inspiration from her music and lyrics. It inspired me, that I too will get over this hurdle. 

I entered a contest to win tickets to see her perform live in NYC and won! 


I always say things happen for a reason. Who knew that a year later of my lyme diagnosis and feeling better, I would have the chance to see her in concert. She was dancing, jumping, singing, and doing everything a “normal” person would.  She even had a second baby after battling with lyme (which is another inspiration for me, since we would love to have children soon). She triumphed over her lyme disease and she is one of my biggest inspiration of triumphing over this disease.  The biggest accomplishment of the night for me, was that I stood in line with high heels to get in the concert for about 2 hours(standing this long and still feeling well). 

 The concert was wonderful and I am thankful that my struggles brought me to her music. Her music is filled with so much love and joy that it always leaves me feeling really good afterwards.  I enjoyed a night of music, love with my mom and sister in law and over all a sense that I too will win this battle shortly. Thank you Thalia for touching my life in a positive way and  for touching so many people’s lives.

Life has surprising twists and turns…a memorable night that I will always remember.

I leave you with this wonderful picture of the Empire State Building that I took while standing in line..such a beautiful building (I couldn’t stop staring at it).



6 thoughts on “Over the moon

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    1. rominalifehappens Post author

      Thank you Julie. Like in your post says in regards to gratitude. We must be grateful of all that is well, dwell on the positive even when it’s hard, but positivism will get us through anything in life.


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