Taxi Driver..

Who says NYC is filled with horrible rude people?!

I have been taking a taxi from port authority everyday to work since going back to work from maternity leave. Trying to take it easy on my body as I transcend back to the work commute.

Everyday on my way to work, I grab a taxi.  Most taxi drivers say a quick hello, or no hello at all as they drive to my destination.  Today was different. This taxi driver started mouthing off about how NYC police officers stop taxi drivers for no reason, I quickly changed the tone of the conversation. I told him how easy it was for him to write a book with all the crazy taxi driver experiences he has on a daily basis.  We then shifted the conversation and  started talking about life.  I told him you get what you give, your good you get good, and vise versa. I told him “the worst is when good things happen to good people” and he says “those are tests”, he says. “Tests to change you”, the same thing when good things happen to bad people, those are tests so that they can change”.

Tests..tests..tests..I thought I would be over with tests by the time I finished college, but tests are a part of life in all aspects. You fail a subject and you have to keep trying again. Same thing with life, you fall and you have to get back up again, there is NO other choice.

I guess the taxi driver liked my positive attitude and conversation that he charged me less than the meter and even stopped the meter for me..and he blessed my day.

Happy Tuesday!




4 thoughts on “Taxi Driver..

  1. Kim

    Wow, incredible story! That’s amazing how God used you to change one person’s outlook and day, and how we can connect with people we barely know. Stopping the meter is almost unheard of! The tests and more tests reminds me of that verse about how we fall down seven times and then keep going. So true. It’s one big lesson after another, but I guess it’s more about the journey than being perfect right away. Great story!


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