I am

A poem my mom found that I wrote in 8th grade. I read it and cried. Hit me straight to the heart.

I am.. Happy

I have cried,

I  have known happiness, And sadness, I am me.

I know..that I have to live to tell.

I believe…that life teaches us many lessons.

I see..that life is difficult and that we have to fight for what we want.

I’ve met…people who don’t understand the value of life.

I have heard…the sounds of nature.

I tend… to think how ironic life is.

I’ve seen…how bad is to hurt other people.

I want…to always live happy.

I realize…that my family and true friends are very special to me.

I understand..that we have to value what we have in life, before life takes it away from us.




6 thoughts on “I am

    1. rominalifehappens Post author

      You’re so sweet Kim. As you know I stopped abx for about 2 months. Have the oils a chance, but also stopped. Feeling ok, I ran a whole bunch of other tests to see what else is going on and hopefully get the results soon. (My balance and strength just seem off, especially my stiffness). Do you get this with POTS? (I am still trying to rule that out).

      How are you doing?

      1. Kim

        Yes Romina! My balance felt off. Stiffness and heaviness in my body was also there. POTS can cause many strange neurological symptoms. Do you have a heart rate monitor? Have you checked your HR change when you go from sitting to standing? I feel like the POTS symptoms are beginning to get better. I did not think it was possible. I am doing much better overall and just feel less sick. I will continue to pray for you! You will get through this…

      2. rominalifehappens Post author

        I have checked my HR from sitting to standing, not a big change..so don’t know what it is. What are you doing for the POTS? Increased fluids? I am getting it ruled out shortly (but really do not want to do a tilt test).

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