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I am

A poem my mom found that I wrote in 8th grade. I read it and cried. Hit me straight to the heart.

I am.. Happy

I have cried,

IĀ  have known happiness, And sadness, I am me.

I know..that I have to live to tell.

I believe…that life teaches us many lessons.

I see..that life is difficult and that we have to fight for what we want.

I’ve met…people who don’t understand the value of life.

I have heard…the sounds of nature.

I tend… to think how ironic life is.

I’ve seen…how bad is to hurt other people.

I want…to always live happy.

I realize…that my family and true friends are very special to me.

I understand..that we have to value what we have in life, before life takes it away from us.




Super hero-Oscar Winner

Lyme has given me superhero powers without the powers
I fear noone or anything
I sometimes feel like a superhero,push myself out of my comfort zone.
So what if I feel pain, just do it!
I walk as if I own the world
Scared of no situation life throws at me
Not afraid of anyone or anything
Made me tougher,stronger,wiser
I have no sympathy for stupid problems
Oh your stressed about a test?, who cares! Atleast your body is not in constant fight to be strong, to act normal everyday.
My everyday is an act.
I am an actress,standing,walking pretending I am fine.
Trying to look as normal as possible.
No pain here. I am fine.
I should win an Oscar…
And Where is my cape?..

A year has gone by…

I can’t believe it has been a year since I last updated my blog. Ā  Alot of changes and positive things have occurred. I had my first baby 3 months ago. If it wasn’t for my lyme symptoms, pregnancy was such a breeze.Ā  My labor was also a smooth process. I pushed my baby out in 11 minutes (world record?!?), don’t mean to brag, but I am proud of that.

During pregnancy, I had to lower my dose of antibiotics to protect the baby, and luckily he is lyme free. The recovery after labor was the hardest for me. My lyme symptoms came outĀ  in a way I have never experienced before.Ā  I am now back on a new protocol, feeling much better but still dealing with symptoms.

I keep fighting for the old me, she will be back and hopefully soon (so that I can run with my baby when he gets older).




New Year=New Beginning

Welcome 2013...I haven’t written a post in a while and wanted to write about my progress. I have been feeling very well lately.Ā  December 2012 has been the best month that I have felt really good so farĀ  during my treatment.

Some of my Progress:

  • I have started yoga again at home. (1 hr, 2x a week)
  • Walking back and forth from my home to the train station (2 miles) everyday.(I sometimes only walk home from the train station, because now the weather is too cold)
  • Use my treadmill more often.
  • Cleaning and cooking more around the house.
  • Staying up till after 10pm.
  • Not talking about lyme as much as I used to.
  • SteppingĀ  into grass/wooded areas now.
  • No longer AFRAID.

My Shadow and the trees

My treatment plan has changed and I started it the beginning of December and so far so good.


New Year= a New Beginning.

Some of my resolutions which I hope I keep are:

  • Attending a Yoga Class (2x per week)
  • Volunteering atleast once per week
  • Studying for GRE for Graduate Admission in March
  • Exercising more often.

Overall, I hope this New Year brings health and happiness to my inner me.

Happy New Year,