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Boxing Ring

Ding..Ding..Ding.. GET IN THE RING!

All of life is like being in a boxing ring

You are faced with different opponents, situations, circumstances, that you must overcome to win your battle

Be strong

Who are these opponents that are fighting against you?

They are called “life” opponents

These opponents can make us stronger or crumple you down to your knees

You have the option on how hard you want to fight

How hard you want to live

How hard you want to push

How much you love yourself to keep on sweating and fighting that fight

Sometimes your own opponent and worst critic is yourself

Be strong

The person who loves you most in this world is yourself

Love and protect yourself

Put on your boxing gloves and fight

Fight with all the strength you have

Fight with all your soul and heart

Raise your arms up, protect your face

Fix your eyesight sharply and directly at your opponent

Give your opponent that stare

That stare of strength

That stare of not letting this or anything defeat you

Your gaze and senses are heightened to the oomph degree

You will become more agile than before

You know you will win this

You know you are strong

Look at it in the eye..knowing you will win that fight

Be strong

Love and protect yourself