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Dear Magnificent Body:

You have been with me since birth.
When I was 4 and my foot got stuck in the bicycle and I fractured it..you healed.
When I was 10 and was jumping up and down and fell..it took a few days for you to heal my sprained foot.
When I was 12 and my hair got stuck in a machine in wood workshop class..not only did my hair grow back but you healed me emotionally from that trauma.
You were there for me you healed.
When I was in my college years and tortured you with stress, lack of sleep and horrible food, you tolerated it. 
When my dad had open heart surgery a few years back and my emotions were all over the place like a roller-coaster ride, you stuck me with me. 
During these hard times, I have faith in you that you will do the same for me like you did before. 
You are strong and you will eventually heal.
This actually will make you stronger.
Change your character and make you wiser.
This letter is for you, It’s an oath to you.
I promise to feed you well.
Eat the best I can and tell you each day how much I love you and appreciate you.
I may have taken you for granted before and for that I am truly sorry.
I promise once this is all over with I will treat you differently and respect you until the end of our time together.
You will truly teach me how wonderful and magnificent you are even through ups and down.
This letter is for you.
Even if I don’t say it enough,I love you, I truly love you.