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I am

A poem my mom found that I wrote in 8th grade. I read it and cried. Hit me straight to the heart.

I am.. Happy

I have cried,

I  have known happiness, And sadness, I am me.

I know..that I have to live to tell.

I believe…that life teaches us many lessons.

I see..that life is difficult and that we have to fight for what we want.

I’ve met…people who don’t understand the value of life.

I have heard…the sounds of nature.

I tend… to think how ironic life is.

I’ve seen…how bad is to hurt other people.

I want…to always live happy.

I realize…that my family and true friends are very special to me.

I understand..that we have to value what we have in life, before life takes it away from us.




Train Ride Home

Invisible Illness

Today on the train ride home I saw a disabled man in a wheelchair must have been in his early 30’s with no legs and no arms.

I started thinking how some illnesses or diseases are visible while others like lyme disease are not.

Here I am a 29 year year old woman, I look in great shape from the outside but  people don’t see or feel what I feel.

At times I feel trapped in my own body.

A body that was once so agile to run, walk fast and jump..not anymore for now..atleast not for now.

My illness is invisible and all seems well.

With a visible illness or impairment people notice and sometimes judge.

What is better, to have a visible or invisible illness, there are pros and cons to both sides of the coin no matter how you look at it.

Running Lights

I used to be one of those people who would run and  cross the street before the traffic light turned green to get to the other side.
Now I patiently wait until the light is red for me to cross the street.
I no longer run in a fast pace just to cross the street.
I can’t no longer do that.
What is the rush? Lyme has taught me to take things easy.
My body won’t allow me to rush anymore.
Light is red, stop running, just walk and cross the street, you will get to your destination no matter what…